Practice Areas

Tony Kelly brings a body of wisdom gained from over forty years experience as a lawyer.
Tony’s approach to practice has been to develop sound solutions for clients based on a strong sense of mutual trust. Our services include:

Estate Planning

It is becoming increasingly difficult to attain and retain capital – and as life expectancy increases, so does the risk of losing capacity. So, whilst you can’t predict the future, it’s very important to plan for it.

Business Succession

A business succession plan ensures that the business continues to thrive subsequent to the completion of a successor’s “hands on” involvement, it is a measure that will safeguard invested capital against risk.


A properly drafted Will ensures that personally owned assets and those held in entities controlled by the will maker, pass to the beneficiaries who have been nominated to inherit them.

Power of Attorney

Powers of attorney have become increasingly necessary as the average age of the population increases, causing a higher risk to the loss of capacity to manage ones affairs.


Superannuation benefits do not form part of a deceased estate; they are instead held by the trustee of the superannuation fund at the date of the death of the member. Therefore appropriate documentation is vital to ensure the desired recipient receives the member death benefits.


An important part of any Estate Plan is to anticipate, and provide for, the possibility of such a claim and to put in place the appropriate defensive strategy to pre-empt this occurrence.


A trust comes into existence when the title to assets is held by the legal owner (the Trustee) for the benefit (on Trust) for another party (the Beneficiary).

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